About Us
I am deeply honored and humbled to serve as the Pastor of the people of Immanuel as well as to the students of NIU and Kish College. I see a significant change playing out in both society and church and desire to equip all people, especially young adults to serve as effective leaders in this constantly changing and evolving world. I LOVE leading Bible studies and having deep and challenging conversations about God, His existence, His Word and plans for us all."

















Refuge is the NIU Chapter of the Lutheran Student Fellowship. We are a ministry of Imanuel Lutheran Church LCMSin DeKalb, IL. Our Mission is to reach out with the good news of Jesus Christ on the campuses of NIU and Kishwaukee College and to raise up leaders for service in His kingdom. We utilize Worship, Bibile Study, service work, and fellowship to train up disciples to follow in Christ's footsteps. Our Ministry frequently utilizes food and fun to enrich our daily lives.

Pastor Marty Marks